Yet Another C++ Template Library

Beta 1 available!

Yes, I successfully finish the package today, so here you have. You can crab it here. The main changes since the alpha are :

But, the most important things is that the API is not intented to change since now and until the first release. This means that you can begin to use it in your own apps. And as always, any feedback will be apreciated.

Beta 1 is on the way

Hello everybody. I know it makes 2 months now that this page haven't been updated. The alpha I spooked about last time isn't there either. So, why? In fact the reason is quite simple: things are going too fast! During these 2 month, I've made lots of changes in my code by adding functionnalities, changing a little the behavours of some of them and also a little debugging. Since things wasn't stable at all, I thounght that releasing was finally a bad idea, this is why I've waited. But now I've successfully compile another projects which is heavilly template based, and makes a big use of yactl. This makes me assume that yactl's code is approaching maturity, and I won't probably change the external behavour of his components anymore.

So, and in other words, this means that time for the first beta is coming soon. All I need to do right now will be about the build system, where I won't build anymore sample apps by default, and give them a more explicit name. Beta1 will come just after that. Then I will begin to comment and document my code. I also hope some of you will try it and reports me what they think about this lib.

Now just one question remains: will I release on Christmas? Well, if you want to know ... get back here in a few days ;-).

Bugs :-(

Well, it seems that bugs already begins to show their head. Yesterday, I firstly had some problems compiling my lib. It seems that alpha1 was in fact unable to compile when debugging wasn't set at ./configure time. The worst in that is that you will require libcwd to be installed on your system. This is probably due to some changes I made just before releasing, wich I only test with debugging enabled. As a consequence, I will try to release a second alpha as soon as I get this fixed. Note that this second alpha will also feature some kind of concept-based programming. But ... more on this later

Update(11/10/07): After having a deeper look, I found that this bugs wasn't related to my code. In fact, it comes from an update of my system, wich results in problems with gcc. After reinstalling gcc, all compile fine again. Anyway, this will not stop me in releasing a second alpha quite soon.

First alpha version released!

This is the first public version of the yactl librarie. This one is intented to allows you to try the librarie in order to give an idea of what's she's intented to consists of. So, any feedback would be very appreciated, but keep in mind that it's still an alpha version. This means that stuff can still be added/changed in order to complete with the needs of most of you. This also means that this release is not intented to be bug free, since it has not yet been tested a lot.

Anyway, I hope you will at least give it a chance so, enjoy!