Yet Another C++ Template Library

Current Version

The current version of the lib is beta1. This version is intented to be the first API-frozen one. This means that no changes will be made to this until version 1.0. The only changes would be about debugging and optimisations. I will also try to document the code from now, because right now documentation is really poor. Anyway, most part of it are quite easy to use, and I do think that looking at the examples in the samples directory must be enough to understand how it work.

Note that this lib can work without dependencies when compiled in normal mode. But if you want to enable debugging, you will need to have the libcwd library, available here.

Next Version

The next version will be beta2 or RC1, depending on how things goes. From now and about then, I will focus on documentation. I will also remove all the bugs I'll found until then, assuming there is some of them in my code :D. (FYI:I've began to use yactl in my own project, and until now, I haven't found lots of bugs yet.)

Developpement version

As in many projects, everybody has a read access to the developpement version of the lib. This can be acceded by using the subversion repository available here.